Calculate Lot Size and Trailling Stop – EA MetaTrader 5

Calculate Lot Size and Trailling Stop - expert for MetaTrader 5
I. Condition Buy-Sell 2. Backtest 1. Main function for calculate lot size //+——————————————————————+ //| caculate lot sisze Function                      | //+——————————————————————+ double calculate_lotsize(double sl, double price)   {   double lots=0.;   double lotstep= SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_VOLUME_STEP); double ticksize = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE);    double tickvalue = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE);   double balance= AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE);   double point= SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_POINT);   //double  loss=MathRound((MathAbs(price-sl)/ ticksize) * ticksize );   double  loss=MathAbs(price-sl)/point;  m_symbol.NormalizePrice(loss);   double Risk= initial_risk*balance;   if(loss!=0)