Custom Bollinger Bands – indicator MetaTrader 5

I developed this indicator to provide an alternative to the standard moving average methods in the MetaTrader 5 Bollinger Bands indicator, which only offer the ‘simple’ method. With my indicator, users have the option to select from additional methods including Exponential, Smoothed, and LinearWeighted. To utilize this indicator, you need to place it in a

AUTO PIVOTS for MT5 – indicator MetaTrader 5

AUTO PIVOTS for MT5 - indicator for MetaTrader 5
Pivots are well known price action indicator . #property link      ” #property version   “1.00” #property indicator_plots 0 #property indicator_chart_window #property strict input color WeeklyColors = Yellow; input color MonthlyColors = Orange; input bool Use_Sunday_Data   = true; input bool Daily             = true; input bool Daily_SR_Levels   = true; input bool Weekly            = true; input bool Weekly_SR_Levels  = false; input bool