Custom Bollinger Bands – indicator MetaTrader 5

I developed this indicator to provide an alternative to the standard moving average methods in the MetaTrader 5 Bollinger Bands indicator, which only offer the ‘simple’ method. With my indicator, users have the option to select from additional methods including Exponential, Smoothed, and LinearWeighted. To utilize this indicator, you need to place it in a

Fractional Bands – indicator MetaTrader 4

Fractional Bands - indicator for MetaTrader 4
Fractional Bands uses a modelisation of price variation by a Fractional Brownian Motion, that incorporates the consideration of the Fractal dimension, contrary to the Bollinger Bands, which are based on a Wiener Brownian Motion (a particular case of the Fractional Brownian Motion). They also use a different equation from the Fractal Bands ( This difference,

An Expert Advisor, based on Bollinger Bands ® – EA MetaTrader 5

An Expert Advisor, based on Bollinger Bands
This Expert Advisor is based on Bollinger Bands. It uses trend-following strategy (DEMA) and Bollinger Bands ® indicator. It shows a stable profit in Strategy Tester during last 17 years (EURUSD M30).The Strategy: Open long position: DEМА is growing up and white (bull) candle crossed the Lower Bollinger Band from below to above. Open short