ATR Channels – indicator MetaTrader 5

ATR_Channels indicator
Real author: Luis Guilherme Damiani ATR Channels create price movement channels considering ATR (Average True Range) technical indicator. The indicator clearly shows trend acceleration and retardation moments and also overbought and oversold areas from the average true range perspective. The presented variant of this indicator allows to select the smoothing algorithm for the moving average

ATR ratio – indicator MetaTrader 5

ATR ratio indicator
Real author: Luis Guilherme Damiani The indicator of the ratio between fast Average True Range (ATR) and slow ATR. ATR ratio often reach high values after the prices quick and strong movements. Low indicator values often correspond with long periods of flat that can be observed on the market top and during consolidation. It can

ATR Channel – indicator MetaTrader 4

ATR Channel - indicator for MetaTrader 4
This indicator draws an ATR envelope surrounding price action and assists you in setting proper stoploss and take profit levels. The envelope can be drawn using median price if desired, resulting in a narrower envelope. Input parameters: CalculateOnBarClose decides if current unclosed bar is ignored UseMedianPrice decides if the median price is used to draw

The class for drawing the ATR using the ring buffer – indicator MetaTrader 5

The class for drawing the ATR using the ring buffer - indicator for MetaTrader 5
Description The CATROnRingBuffer class is designed for calculation of the Average True Range indicator (Average True Range, ATR) using the algorithm of the ring buffer.  Declaration class CATROnRingBuffer Title #include <IncOnRingBuffer\CATROnRingBuffer.mqh> File of the CATROnRingBuffer.mqh should be placed to the IncOnRingBuffer folder that need to be established in MQL5\Include\. Two files with the examples used