Module of Trade Signals, based on BrainTrend1 indicator – library MetaTrader 5

Example of trades on the chart
The original version of BrainTrend1 has 4 parameters, but only 2 of them are used in this module of trade signals (ATR period and Stochastic period). For two other input parameters (MA_Method=MODE_SMA, STO_Price=STO_LOWHIGH) the default values are used. A blue candle is a signal to open a long position, a red candle is a signal

BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 – indicator MetaTrader 5

BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 are placed in one minimized window to remove excessive elements from a chart workspace. BrainTrend1 (upper square dots) is a basic trend indicator, while BrainTrend2 (lower round dots) is a confirming indicator. BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 compiled files must be placed to the terminal_data_folder\MQL5\Indicators\. BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 – indicator MetaTrader 5