MetaTrader 4 MT4 Expert Advisors ComFracti_v2 , Comfracti_final – EA MetaTrader 4

ComFracti_v2 , Comfracti_final – EA MetaTrader 4

Update 2009.10.25

Hi All:)

Final version(well arranged) with no errors(I hope) is done.

I added few easy to turn on/of filters for testing.

This is not trend following ea and You should learn how it works.

If You like add something or recoded -fell free to make this .

      Now my attention is focused on different idea .




I have added TrailingStop with profitTrailing funktcion.In this case takeprofit should be bigger then trailingstop.

If You like turn of Psar filter,simply set same parameters for sars1 & sars2.

About optimization:

Is posible to run optimization for all parameters at one time,but when first time we mark of sars and Trailing the results should have better profit factor.

At this pictures I have markt boxes from forward time.

Alternative:   Better Volume - indicator MetaTrader 5

First results without Trailing and Psar.

Next results with Trailing and Psar.

Optimization for 5 months takes 5 minutes.

I wish Your Good Luck


v2.1-Moneymanagement can be turn of  & fractional lots are allowed.  (Thanks Josep)

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