MetaTrader 4 MT4 Expert Advisors VivaLasVegas – EA MetaTrader 4

VivaLasVegas – EA MetaTrader 4

This EA was written to test different betting strategies.

It uses a simple random generator to enter the market. Risk reward ratio is fixed to 1 to simulate straight betting.


  • TP_SL: Set the size of the trades. (As larger the size as smaller the house advantage)
  • BaseLotSize: the startlotsize or size of one betting unit.
  • GameStrategy: This is the most important setting. In the current version you can switch between 5 gametypes:
  1. Martingale with double up
  2. Negative exponential pyramiding
  3. Labouchere System. (You can change the Labouchere Series in the code at line 18)
  4. Oscars Grind. This is a positive progression system. The target of this system is 1 BaseLot
  5. System 31. Negative progression System where you can loose maximum 31 BaseLots.
  • Seed: This is used to seed the random generator.
Alternative:   Dsl (discontinued signal lines) - rsx - indicator MetaTrader 4

At last: No error management/ECN style ordertypes added, this might only work in tester.

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