MetaTrader 4 MT4 Expert Advisors Simple Adviser EMA WMA RSI – EA MetaTrader 4

Simple Adviser EMA WMA RSI – EA MetaTrader 4


Expert Advisor is fairly simple and with a little practice it can be modified even people not familiar with the programming.

An Expert Advisor opens the trade, based on the intersection of MA. Opening is filtered on the indicator RSI.

If RSI> 50 – allowed only Buy
If RSI <50 – allowed only Sell

  • period_EMA = 28 – period EMA line
  • period_WMA = 8 – between lines WMA
  • period_RSI = 14 – period RSI indicator
  • stoploss = 0 – level set stop loss orders at the opening (if 0, then the stoploss is not exposed)
  • takeprofit = 500 – level set take profit at the opening of a warrant (if 0, then takeprofit not exposed)
  • risk = 10 – if Lot = 0, then the size of the Lot is calculated as% (risk) of free funds
  • Magic = 777 – the unique number of orders of the adviser, is used to make the adviser does not affect the order open hand or other advisers.
  • CloseCounter = false – if you set the parameter to true, the warrants will be closed at the opposite signal. Ie when opening Buy, Sell and close down all the way around.
  • Lot = 0.1 – lot may be installed either, but at zero lot will be calculated automatically.
  • TrailingStop, Tip.Fr.or.Candl – Used in advisor TrailingStop detail:
Alternative:   TradeProtector-1.1 - Automatic Stop Loss and proprotional Trailing Stop (updated version) - EA MetaTrader 4


If you place takeprofit = 0, then be sure to CloseCounter = true, otherwise the order simply did not close.

When installing the stoploss = 0, protective stop there, with the balance line in the tester is nice, but there is a risk of subsidence.

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