MetaTrader 4 MT4 Scripts Script opening orders – script MetaTrader 4

Script opening orders – script MetaTrader 4

Sometimes you want to help the advisor and add the order, but that Advisor has its own Magic number needed to be placed orders with its number.

  • stoploss – level exhibiting SL, if 0, then SL is not exposed
  • takeprofit – level exhibiting TP, if 0, then TP is not exposed
  • Magic – a unique order number
  • SELL – open SELL order
  • BUY – open BUY order
  • Lot – Order Quantity
  • slippage – the maximum deviation of the price for market orders

The simultaneous installation of different directions of orders for this variable SELL BUY and set to true.

When failures of connection or a sharp price movement will be exhibiting 10 attempts to place an order, after that the script stops.

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To run the script, drop it on the chart window and the menu will appear, select the options and type of the opened orders.

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