MetaTrader 4 MT4 Indicators RSI Peak & Bottom – indicator MetaTrader 4

RSI Peak & Bottom – indicator MetaTrader 4



The peak/bottom could show the top level of RSI. When rsi passed the top/bottom value it indicated a buy/sel signal.

It can show the signal earlier but still need some filter, so this methode could be combined with others indicator as a filters.

Red arrow is peak and Yellow arrow is bottom.

I want to plot/draw rsi level based on peak/bottom possition. but i have a problem about the code to modify this indicator. need help to make it perfect.

I want to plot all of the peak/bottom towards then we will get any level at the peak/bottom. and when rsi cross the peak/bottom line, the level will be terminated 1 candle after crossing.

the calculating & plotting of others level will be continued until rsi cossing the level again.

Alternative:   Fibochannel line - EA MetaTrader 4

can any body help???

please share….


  • Use This RSI levels as a Signal
  • Combine with others indicators as a filter
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