MetaTrader 5 MT5 Expert Advisors QuickTradeKeys123 – EA MetaTrader 5

QuickTradeKeys123 – EA MetaTrader 5

Details: The QuickTradeKeys 123 EA is designed to facilitate efficient and rapid market responses. With just one keystroke, users can trade directly from the chart view. Here’s a brief summary of its functionality:

Key ‘1’: Opens a buy position with a predefined lot size. Key ‘2’: Opens a sell position with a predefined lot size. Key ‘3’: Closes all open positions that the EA has opened based on the specified magic number. The EA is easy to use and can be utilized by both beginners and experienced traders seeking effective and immediate trade control via the keyboard.

Scope of Application: The EA is suitable for all currency pairs and timeframes. For optimal performance and swift execution, a low spread and smooth market access are recommended.

Installation: Simply drag the EA onto the desired chart, ensure that automated trading is enabled in MetaTrader, and the EA is authorized to execute trades. Configure the magic number as needed in the input settings.

Alternative:   RSI with BB - indicator MetaTrader 5

Important: This EA is not intended for use on a live trading account unless the user fully understands the underlying concept and associated risks. It is recommended to first test the EA on a demo account to become familiar with its behavior

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