MetaTrader 5 MT5 Indicators Premier Stochastic Oscillator [v01] – indicator MetaTrader 5

Premier Stochastic Oscillator [v01] – indicator MetaTrader 5

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traderak20, based on article in TASC magazine by Lee Leibfarth (August 2008), see for the article (subscription required).

For instructions on how to use the Premier Stochastic Oscillator see

You can set the same parameters as for the normal Stochastic indicator, and for the period of the EMA used to calculate the Premier Stochastic Oscillator.

Parameters can be set to show the oscillator as a histogram and/or a line, single-color or multi-color. You can add arrows to clearly show when the indicator is crossing the outer limits, this is especially useful when you are only using the line and not the histogram.

Premier Stochastic Oscillator

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