MetaTrader 5 MT5 Expert Advisors Perceptron With 5 indicators – EA MetaTrader 5

Perceptron With 5 indicators – EA MetaTrader 5

Using Perceptron Model: 5 NN working with 5 indicators, each NN user a diferent combination os indicators.

  • NN1 = IND2, IND3, IND4, IND5;
  • NN2 = IND1, IND3, IND4, IND5;
  • NN3 = IND1, IND2, IND4, IND5;
  • NN4 = IND1, IND2, IND3, IND5;
  • NN5 = IND1, IND2, IND3, IND4.

1 NN working with the 5 NN´s. Each NN and each IND has a Height, where this indicate if the signal of this IND/NN is good or not.

order buy
  • NN1 indicated buy;
  • NN2 indicated buy;
  • NN3 indicated Sell;
  • NN4 indicated buy;
  • NN5 indicated Sell.
So is the result of each NN, in the end, after many operations, the system will hitting the best combination of indicators and NN.

In a back test there is a period of learning, which soon after begins to generate profit.

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Perceptron With 5 indicators

not use for live trading!! just for learning,

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