MetaTrader 4 MT4 Expert Advisors Multi Strategy Ea – EA MetaTrader 4

Multi Strategy Ea – EA MetaTrader 4

Hello Guys,

Maybe You Have seen my Combo Trader, This one is the other version of Combo Trader, which use it with your strategy,

**this expert is useful for those who have strategy to trade

After many requests i’ve decide to change the code to comfortable it for you

1-Add noise filter by Damiani_volatmeter indicator (you have to download Damiani_volatmeter.ex4 too and copy it to \experts\indicators)

2-showing the current Trend Condition on chart

3-add an option to use static lots(if use_static_loss is set true

4-add static take profit & static Loss

5-add an option to closing mode: use noise_closing which you noises to close all positions, if profit<noise_loss all the loss positions will be closed

6-you can choose between MACD classic or using Zerolag MACD, by setting zerolag_macd to true or classic_macd to true(just one of them have to choosed)

7-added TrendDetect Option to detecting trend by adx. you just insert the ADX_PERIOD and ADX_MAINLEVEL

8-added Profit_close:which protects your profits by entering Profit_to_close value,if all the open Trades get in this profit they will close (Enter Profit_to_close in Currency not pip)

9-added Loss_control:which protects your account not to take loss more than Loss_to_Close (Enter Loss_to_Close in Currency not pip)

10-Added Cancel_Trading_On_profit, if all positions closed by Profit_close then it will never trade on that day

11-Added Cancel_Trading_On_Loss, if all positions closed by Loss_control then it will never trade on that day

12-Calculating Stoploss and Takeprofit by Atr is removed

13-Added Option Filtering_noise which use noise filtering on opening position-if there is any noise on market it will not open new position until the noise has gone

15-show all indicators signals mode on chart(if you set Use_last_xxx_signal to true it will show you the last signal only)

16-Add an Option to use Bollinger Bands Indicator to trade on range markets-(to use this option you must set Use_BBand to true) and insert Bollinger Bands Parameters

17-Add Time Frame option for all indicators and all settings, so it is real Multi TIme frame EA

For time frames you have to Enter a value between 1 to 6

1: 1min timeframe

2: 5min Timeframe

3- 15min Timeframe

4-30min timeframe

5-1H time frame

6-4H TimeFrame

and many other new settings

Alternative:   XO - indicator MetaTrader 4

i have included a manual for this.

for installing this EA, you have to Copy all files in “” to experts\indicators folder where MetaTrader is installed and copy Multi-Strategy@FSF.mq4 to your experts folder

For Optimizing this EA Optimize it just like any EA (for finding best tp and sl and other settings)

“If You make too much money with this EA – some gift or donations accepted [:-)”

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