MetaTrader 4 MT4 Indicators Multi Moving Average – indicator MetaTrader 4

Multi Moving Average – indicator MetaTrader 4



Multi Moving Average – is an indicator which shows the information about 4 Moving Averages in a separate window.

You can change the input parameters in the Indicator Properties window for any of the moving averages:

  • Averaging Period (period).
  • Averaging Method (ma_method).
  • The price type used for calculation (applied_price).

and many options for text labels:

It has been created to “unload” the price chart (especially of the Moving Averages), but save the useful information.

1. It shows the current state of the moving averages – rise or fall (using the different colors for boxes/arrow)

2. It show the currrent state of the moving averages relative to the price (or Moving Average with period 1) – is it above or below (using the different colors for text labels)

So, configuring the Moving Averages periods, it is possible to understand the market trend without using the moving averages on the price chart!

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If you have questions to improve the indicator, please send me the private message.

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