MetaTrader 5 MT5 Indicators i-OrdersMQL5 – indicator MetaTrader 5

i-OrdersMQL5 – indicator MetaTrader 5

The indicator shows deals history on the chart. The suggestions are welcome.

The chart objects are clickable. The colors can be customized in input parameters of the indicator.

Input parameters:


  • Language – language for messages (in this version English and Russian languages are supported).
Display settings
  • ShowCurrentPostion – true – show additional info about the current position.
  • CompactPositionInfo – true – show info about the profit only, false – show all info.
  • ShowDealHistory – true – show deals history info.

Additional settings

  • StartTime – starting time to proceed.
  • BuyColor – color of long deals.
  • SellColor – color of short deals.
  • InfoColor – color of additional info.
  • FontSize – font size.

Few figures to illustrate how does it looks:

Figure 1. Show deals history

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If you click at any arrow, you can get more information. Click again to hide it.

Figure 2. Show additional info

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