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Heat Map – indicator MetaTrader 4

The purpose of this indicator is to highlight the price zones that had the most activity : the hotest zones.

The indicator shows a gradiant of zones colored in red.

It goes from bright Red ‘coldest’ to Dark Red ‘hottest’. THE DARKER THE HOTTER

** ** ** * ** * *** SETTINGS ** ** **** ** * **

HMPeriod : the number of bars included in the count

Scale : the size of each zone.

NbZone : the number of zones (rectangles) to create.

If all you get is a blue rectangle then check the availibility of history data for the period you’ve set, or just change the period.

Update :

  • Major bug fixed. If you downloaded this indicator before July 24 2010 then please redownload it.
  • Now it should work with all timeframes
  • Initialization fixed.
Alternative:   Close all orders once the drawdown reaches a specific percentage - EA MetaTrader 4
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