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FX Multimeter IV (demo) – EA MetaTrader 4

FX Multi-Meter IV

This is a font test demo of FX Multimeter IV available from FX Tools.

Instructions :

Use the font installer to copy the necessary fonts to your Windows fonts folder. Copy FX Multimeter demo.ex4 to your experts folder, i.e C:\Program Files\(MetaTrader)\experts\ and restart MetaTrader.

Then drag the expert onto a chart. If the fonts are correctly installed, Multimeter will display properly. If not, a big pile of letters will appear on the chart instead.

By double-clicking on it, it can be moved around the chart. The demo shows current Price, Chart, Spread and Time.

New features in version 4 :

  • EA and Indicator in one.
  • Semi-auto and full auto trading.
  • One-click trading.
  • Runs in Strategy Tester for backtesting.
  • ECN/STP compatible.
  • Fully customizable signals and visuals.
  • Click and drag display.
  • Improved indicators.
  • No more zero divide errors.
  • More compact (actual size above).
  • Detailed manual.
Alternative:   geTrendOsc_HTF - indicator MetaTrader 5


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