MetaTrader 5 MT5 Libraries Free Fuzzy Logic Library functions – library MetaTrader 5

Free Fuzzy Logic Library functions – library MetaTrader 5

The Fuzzy Logic – is a modern science, used in many fields, for example, it has military applications. Now it’s available for the traders.

Why Fuzzy Logic? There are some systems, easily can be solved by human, but it’s difficult to program these systems. In such cases Fuzzy Logic can help. It’s very close to the logic of a human mind.

The archive file contains:

  • Dll of the Free Fuzzy Logic Library
  • the library (.mqh) file with description of imported functions

Free Fuzzy Logic Library API

How to use dll

First of all, you need to call the ffll_new_model() functon to create a model, then download the FCL program from a file, using the function ffll_load_fcl_file(int model_idx, string file), and create a child model, using the ffll_new_child(int model_idx) function. Now the model is ready to use.

Now you can specify the input parameters for the model, using the ffll_set_value(int model_idx, int child_idx, int var_idx, double value) function, the index corresponds to the order of the parameter when declared, it starts from the zero. Then you can get the output, using the double ffll_get_output_value(int model_idx, int child_idx) function.

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Each model has only one output, but you can use several models for different purposes. Of course, for its effective use you should learn the Fuzzy Logic principles.

At the first stage, the program from site will be useful for you, but it doesn’t allow to edit the files.

Using this program you can check the correctness of the FCL program and visualize the necessary functions.

I will be glad to anwer you questions at the reference, in the code.

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