MetaTrader 5 MT5 Scripts Export Indicator’s Values – script MetaTrader 5

Export Indicator’s Values – script MetaTrader 5

After searching for such script, I decided to create mine, and decided to share it with the MQL5 community.

This script exports indicator’s values to CSV File along with date and time (you can change the iCustom function parameters to change what indicator to export).

Export Indicator's Values

Version 2:

  • Enhanced code;
  • Values are now exported as numbers in spreadsheets e.g Excel, so you can do calculation on them easily (no need to convert them to numbers in Excel);
  • Script now asks for inputs : Indicator Directory and name + Indicator’s Period. (see Attached picture);
  • Exported file name is now looks like : e.g EURUSD_PERIOD_H1(RSI,14).
Any suggestions are welcomed.
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