MetaTrader 4 MT4 Indicators Create your own neural network predictor easily (example: MA and RSI Predictors) – indicator MetaTrader 4

Create your own neural network predictor easily (example: MA and RSI Predictors) – indicator MetaTrader 4


gpwr, posted on

I simply renamed a few vars in order to make the code easier to read, and created a new proxy function.

All the credits must go to gpwr for his much excellent source.

The BNN predictor posted by gpwr is a great indicator, but many traders were wondering how to use the source code in order to create predictors based on their own indicator.

this question being left unanswered on all the neural network related sources, I’ve decided to answer it.

With this modified version of the BNN Predictor, you will be able to create your own predictor, based on your own indicator.

At the end of the code, you will find a function:

double getValue(int i) {

As presented, the indicator is a Moving Average predictor. Simply replace the Moving Average indicator by another indicator. You can even use iCustom() in order to get predictions on your own indicators.

For example, if you want a RSI predictor:

double getValue(int i) {


BPNN.DLL must be copied to your experts/libraries/ folder.

Alternative:   Volatility bands - indicator MetaTrader 5

You must configure MT4 to allow DLL imports (Tools > options > Expert Advisors > Check “Allow DLL imports”).

MA Predictor and RSI predictor on EURUSD M30


  • If you have questions about Neural network, please ask the original author, as I just modified the code in order to make it easier to create new indicators.
  • If you have questions about how to adapt an indicator, then I can answer, as long as you ask in either English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. please, no Russian, Chinese or Italian as I don’t speak those languages.
  • The 2 examples MA and RSI are just examples. that’s why they do not offer external variables to change their period or other options.
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