MetaTrader 4 MT4 Indicators BO – indicator MetaTrader 4

BO – indicator MetaTrader 4

It appeared occasionally, in a manner of speaking, it is a byproduct. The basis of it is the position of the NavelSMA moving in relation to two SMA movings drawn by the HIGHs and LOWs of the bars. I usually use the NavelXXX movings instead of the standard ones by Close, because I has added all four parameters (O, H, L, C) in their calculation, they’re are slightly smoother and they “rattle” less on the zero bar.

I was very surprised when obtained the picture. If you want to experience the same place the BO and AO one below the other on a single window. It turns out that “all roads lead to Rome”? I didn’t try to find out what is better, what is worse and what is the difference, it’s been born so may it live.

Alternative:   MA_Slope - indicator MetaTrader 5

Compile both files, NavelSMA is called through the BO via the iCustom().

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