Automate AllTheUpsTheresAlwaysDowns – EA MetaTrader 4

AllTheUpsTheresAlwaysDowns – EA MetaTrader 4


Key Features
Customizable Entry Conditions: Option to use new entry conditions for more rubost trading strategy.
Lot Size Management: Automatically adjusts lot sizes using a multiplier after profitable trades.
Breakeven Conditions: Two levels of breakeven conditions to secure profits at predefined points.
Trading Hours Control: Specify the start and end hours for trading to align with your preferred trading sessions.

Maximum Trades and Losing Trades Control: Limit the number of trades per bar and the number of consecutive losing trades.

Input Parameters
UseNewEntryConditions: Toggle new entry conditions.
UseLotSizeMultiplier: Enable lot size multiplier after profitable trades.

EnableBreakeven1 and EnableBreakeven2: Enable first and second breakeven conditions.

InitialLotSize: Set the initial lot size.
MovingPeriod and MovingShift: Configure the moving average period and shift.
StopLossPips and TakeProfitPips: Set stop loss and take profit levels in pips.
BreakevenPips1 and BreakevenToPips1: Set breakeven condition 1 levels in pips.
BreakevenPips2 and BreakevenToPips2: Set breakeven condition 2 levels in pips.
MaxTradesPerBar: Maximum trades allowed per bar.
MaxLosingTrades: Maximum consecutive losing trades allowed.
LotSizeMultiplier: Multiplier for increasing lot sizes after profitable trades.
Trading TimeStartHour and EndHour: Define the trading hours (24-hour format).
Magic Number:

MagicNumber: Unique identifier for EA orders to avoid conflicts with other EAs.

Alternative:   Adding password protection to your Indicator / Expert Advisor - EA MetaTrader 4

How It Works
Trading Hours Check: Ensures trading only happens within specified hours.
Order Placement: Places buy or sell orders based on moving average conditions and user-defined entry rules.
Lot Size Adjustment: Adjusts lot sizes after profitable trades if the multiplier is enabled.
Breakeven Management: Monitors open trades and adjusts stop loss levels when breakeven conditions are met.

Trade Limits: Controls the number of trades per bar and limits consecutive losing trades.


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