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S!mple EA – EA MetaTrader 4

This is one of my current projects. The idea was to keep it simple.

To use it, you have to do the following:

  • Copy S!mple.mq4 to your experts folder
  • Open S!mple.mq4 and modify the init() function. You can define as much currencies as you like.
  • Save and Compile the EA and attach it to one of your charts (only to one).
  • Open all other charts you are trading on for data updates.
  • You have to set the variable makeTrades to true, otherwise the EA will not place any trades.
  • For better understanding, you can also use the attached template.

To check on which currencies the EA is profitable, first just attach the template file to a chart and look out for clear cuts on the two MA’s.

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I use it on a 5 Minute chart, if you want to use it on an other chart, you have to change the variable timeFrame to what you would like to use.

Best regards and happy trading

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