MetaTrader 5 MT5 Indicators iMovment – indicator MetaTrader 5

iMovment – indicator MetaTrader 5

The indicator plots the candles with different colors depending on the trend direction and price movement.

The indicator changes its color smoothly if the price retracement from the maximum/minimum by value is less than the value of the Movment parameter.

The value of retracement, equal of greater than Movment parameter, considered as a trend change, the indicator changes its color smoothly until the next retracement will be equal to Movment parameter.

iMovment indicator


  • Movment – Price movement in points, considered as necessary for the change of the trend;
  • UpColor – Color of upward trend candles;
  • UpBackColor – Color of “retracement” candles for the upward trend;
  • DnColor – Color of downward trend candles;
  • DnBackColor – Color of “retracement” candles for the downward trend;
  • Auto5Digits – To multiply the parameter Movment automatically by 10 for the 5- and 3-digit quotes.
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