MetaTrader 5 MT5 Libraries Functions to simplify work with orders – library MetaTrader 5

Functions to simplify work with orders – library MetaTrader 5

This is a class that will allow to open, close and modify your position by placing orders with really simple commands and configuration: Buy(), Sell(), Close(), Modify().

It has never been so easy! 🙂 


#include <K_Orders.mqh>

input int TP = 70;
input int SL = 20;
input double Lots=0.2;

Order order;
//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
//--- set default values

   order.Buy();   // Buy
   order.Sell();  // Close buy order
   order.Buy();   // Buy again

                  //   order.SetSL_inPrice(1.26685); // Specify StopLoss value in "Price"
   order.SetTP_inPoints(30);     // Specify TakeProfit value in "Points"
   order.Modify();               // Do the modification

   order.Close_Volume(0.1);      //Close half from 0.2 volume order
   order.Close();                //Close the rest
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