Automate Breakout Strategy with Prop Firm Helper Functions – EA MetaTrader 5

Breakout Strategy with Prop Firm Helper Functions – EA MetaTrader 5

Hello all,

This is an update of the “Simple Yet Effective Breakout Strategy”. In this code, I have added some helper functions for prop firm challenges.

Generally, to pass a prop firm challenge, you need to satisfied three main criterias:

  • Target profit
  • Not violating maximum daily loss
  • Not violating maximum loss

In this code, I have included two functions check for “Target profit” and “Almost violating maximum daily loss” to automatically exit all positions and delete all pending orders. For “maximum loss” it really depends on your strategy and risk management so it won’t be mentioned in this MQL5 Script.

//| Prop Firm Helper Functions                                       |

// Delete all pending orders and exit all positions
void ClearAll(string message)
   for (int i = OrdersTotal() - 1; i >= 0; i--)
      ulong orderTicket = OrderGetTicket(i);
      if (OrderSelect(orderTicket)) 

   for (int i = PositionsTotal() - 1; i >= 0; i--)
      ulong posTicket = PositionGetTicket(i);

// Check if we have achieved profit target
bool isPassed()
   return AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY) > PASS_CRITERIA;

// Check if we are about to violate maximum daily loss
bool isDailyLimit()
   MqlDateTime date_time;
   TimeToStruct(TimeCurrent(), date_time);
   int current_day =, current_month = date_time.mon, current_year = date_time.year;
   // Current balance
   double current_balance = AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE);
   // Get today's closed trades PL
   HistorySelect(0, TimeCurrent());
   int orders = HistoryDealsTotal();
   double PL = 0.0;
   for (int i = orders - 1; i >= 0; i--)
      ulong ticket=HistoryDealGetTicket(i);
         Print("HistoryDealGetTicket failed, no trade history");
      double profit = HistoryDealGetDouble(ticket,DEAL_PROFIT);
      if (profit != 0)
         // Get deal datetime
         MqlDateTime deal_time;
         TimeToStruct(HistoryDealGetInteger(ticket, DEAL_TIME), deal_time);
         // Check deal time
         if ( == current_day && deal_time.mon == current_month && deal_time.year == current_year)
            PL += profit;
   double starting_balance = current_balance - PL;
   double current_equity   = AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY);
   return current_equity < starting_balance - DAILY_LOSS_LIMIT;

The parameters we need to specify are:

Alternative:   JFatlAcceleration_HTF - indicator MetaTrader 5
input string dd = "-------------PROP FIRM CHALLENGE-----------------";
input bool   isChallenge = false;
input double PASS_CRITERIA = 110100.;
input double DAILY_LOSS_LIMIT = 4500.;

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